The Decoded Company:Know Your Talent Better Than You Know Your Customers

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How Can Organizations Encourage Innovation?

This post, is a part of my thinking and research for my new book, centred around the tensions between productivity and creativity. You can follow other related entries here.    I was in Sydney, Australia talking to the team at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia about innovation and the future of banking. One of the questions…Read More

Be Informed Not Afraid. Don’t let Big Data Scare You.

This post is a part of my thinking around the concepts I wrote about in my latest book, “THE DECODED COMPANY: KNOW YOUR TALENT BETTER THAN YOU KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS.”  You can see some of my other thoughts about big data, organizational culture and talent management HERE.    Data Is Everyone’s Responsibility Last week, I had the…Read More

ArchiTechs Volume 1: Free Download

    Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that I’ve been working on ArchiTechs intermittently since 2011! I found the subject so interesting that I could never close out a chapter – I kept finding more ideas that I wanted to include and it eventually ballooned beyond your…Read More

DECODED wins Gold Axiom Award!

I’m delighted to announce that The Decoded Company has won a Gold Axiom Award for best 2015 business book in the Business Technology category. We tied for first place with Walter Issacson’s The Innovators, which is a huge honor!  To see the entire list click here.     From the website: In August of 2007,…Read More

Keynote: The Digital Culture of Cities

In February I was invited to keynote at the Dallas Festival of Ideas. I spoke about the “Innovative City” within the context of Digital Culture. I wanted to explore how technology was empowering municipalities and citizens to better organize, communicate and collaborate with each other, improving the day to day quality of life of residents….Read More

The Twighlight Zone for the Digital Generation: Black Mirror

This post explores some of my thoughts around concepts of Digital Culture.  You can find the other related entries HERE.  I recently fell in love with a television series called Black Mirror. It’s a British television show created by Charlie Booker that explores some of the darker themes around the influences of technology on our daily lives….Read More