The Decoded Company:Know Your Talent Better Than You Know Your Customers

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Thy Pound of Flesh – Public Shaming, Moral Codes and Other Dangers of Cyber Vigilantes

This post explores some of my thoughts around concepts of Digital Culture.  You can find the other related entries HERE.  In my last post on cyber-vigilantism , I wrote about the three elements needed for such acts to take place: The violation of a social code The lack of traditional accountability The need for tangible consequences. In this…Read More

[SciPO] Course Debrief: Altucher & The Creativity Habit

This is the first “show your work”  post about my Innovation and Emerging Business Models course for Sciences Po’s MBA in Economics and Finance in Paris. You’ll be able to see subsequent entries here!  This past summer, I was invited by SciencesPo, France’s leading university for Social Sciences, to teach a course on innovation for…Read More

Seasons of Work: Summer School – part 1

This is a “show your work”  post about sharing some of my thinking around  my own career development.  I have often spoken about lifestyle design on this blog (here and here) and it remains one of my most important priorities. I always like to step back and make sure that the way I’m living my life is aligned…Read More

[Data] Decoding Prince Charming: A tale of quantified love #thedecodedcompany

This post is a part of my thinking around the concepts I wrote about in my latest book, “The Decoded Company: Know Your Talent Better Than You Know Your Customers.”  You can see some of my other thoughts about big data, organizational culture and talent management here.  I came across this very funny TED talk about a…Read More

Productivity Tips for Peace of Mind: Part 2 – Batching

This post, is a part of my thinking and research for my new book, centred around the tensions between productivity and creativity. You can follow other related entries here.  In the first part of this series, I wrote about how automation is one solution to reduce decision fatigue: the deteriorating quality of our decision making ability…Read More

The Artist’s Way: Week 10 – Recovering a Sense of Self Protection

This is an ongoing series about my experiences with Julia Cameron’s program, The Artist’s Way: A spiritual path to higher creativity. It’s a 12 week program designed to help reboot your creative process. After hearing about it from several friends over the past few years, I gathered a group of like minded creatives and we…Read More