Rahaf offers customized consulting in the fields of Digital Foresight, Innovation, Digital Media and Emerging Technology Trends. Her company, Red Thread Inc, works with clients to deliver quarterly innovation briefings, research, workshops and project work.

Some examples:

  • Working with EuroRSCG, Rahaf delivered a customized innovation analysis for SMART technologies examining the role of digital media on education and focusing on the opportunities for educators to incorporate new technologies inside the classroom.
  • Working with the University of Toronto, Rahaf helped create a  digital strategy to use technology to raise awareness of nutrition and healthy diets for newly arriving immigrants.
  • In collaboration with InnoSpa, Rahaf worked with Chief Imaginator, Alexander Manu, to help  Unilever identify areas of opportunity for brand evolution.  Throughout the project, she was responsible for designing the social media strategy and defining the tools and best practices needed in order to successfully engage consumers in the online space.
  • At the newly created Duke Corporate Sustainability Initiative, Rahaf worked closely with Dan Vermeer, the Executive Director, to examine how emerging social technologies can influence and shape a next-generation sustainability MBA program that builds in the “Triple Bottom Line” philosophy into it’s core teaching practices. Through a brainstorm, we engaged current students in an exploration of applying social media tools to link students worldwide in a dialogue around sustainable business practices.
  • In collaboration with GWP Brand Engineering’s CEO, Bruce Philp, and his team, Rahaf led a workshop for their client ING Direct Canada in identifying potential areas of opportunities for using social media to increase customer engagement. We explored the competitive landscape, the importance strategic alignment, creative brainstorming and tactical best practices.


“Our session with Rahaf compressed months of trial and error learning into a single fascinating afternoon. Rahaf plainly has a superb command of the social networking space and an infectious enthusiasm for its power, but she also has a rare ability to make it accessible, useful and actionable. Our client was putting the day’s insights to work literally the next day.” – Bruce Philp, CEO, GWP Branding



The ING DIRECT team and I truly enjoyed our day with you. It was useful, thought provoking and generated real action items for us to attack. We are much better prepared to drive our social media approach. The best part is we had a great time as well.

Again, thank you and good luck with your new and exciting challenge. Keep in touch.” – Peter Aceto, CEO ING Direct Canada