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Chinese Edition of The Decoded Company!

Instragram: @foushy

A quick post to share some news!

I just received one of the first copies of the Chinese Edition of The Decoded Company! I’m so happy that our work will continue to reach new markets!

Hopefully, this will lead to more trips to Asia, one of the places I haven’t visited as much as I’ve wanted to!


Keynote: The Digital Culture of Cities

In February I was invited to keynote at the Dallas Festival of Ideas. I spoke about the “Innovative City” within the context of Digital Culture. I wanted to explore how technology was empowering municipalities and citizens to better organize, communicate and collaborate with each other, improving the day to day quality of life of residents.

In this talk, I focused on three main information exchanges that occur within cities: from governments to citizens, from citizens to governments, and between the citizens themselves. The sum of these exchanges represent the health and vitality of a city’s digital culture. You can watch my presentation below!

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 6.32.08 PM


Creating a life by design. Interview with

I was happy to be invited to speak about my experiences as an entrepreneur on the fabulous blog. I was in a surprisingly self reflective mood during this interview – it must be these daily morning pages for the Artist’s Way that I’m doing. You find yourself looking at everything more deeply. I talk about sleepless nights, the joys and struggles of building a life by design and why balance is the most important thing in my entrepreneurial journey.

Here’s an excerpt:

1. What is the hardest part about being an entrepreneur?

The hardest part for me is also the best part: the opportunity to create a life by design. When you’re building your own path, it’s exactly that – your path. So while you can ask other people for advice and guidance, ultimately you have to be the one who chooses where to go. That can be very scary and overwhelming at times. There are days when I miss having a “career path” laid out in front of me and then I remind myself how uncertainty is just a part of this process and that I need to be ok with not knowing sometimes.


You can read the rest of it here.


The Decoded Company in the Ivey Business Journal

Ivey Business Journal | Improving the practice of management

I’ve been delighted with the response and excitement from people wanting to know more about The Decoded Company and what it could mean for their organization. After speaking at the Ivey Ideas Series in February, I was invited to contribute a piece that encapsulates our thinking about how organizations can deploy big data to recruit and retain talent.

You can read the piece here.



Canadian Launch Photos

I wanted to share some of the photos taken of The Decoded Company’s Canadian launch event at Indigo. The space was packed!

Standing room only!


Here’s Don Tapscott talking about how excited he was to support the book. Fun fact: Don was the first person who endorsed the book and I am so grateful for his support.

Don Tapscott predicts The Decoded Company will be a best seller.


Signing books always feel so surreal to me, which is why I have a slightly shell shocked and bemused expression on my face the entire time. Exhibit A below:

Jay and Rahaf


Here’s all of the authors with the lovely Amber MacArthur, my good friend and MC of the festivities.

The authors with the evening's host, Amber Mac