Yes We Did: An Inside Look At How Social Media Built the Obama Brand


The Obama campaign is widely credited for its unprecedented use of New Media for everything from fundraising to volunteer coordination. After intensively researching the campaign, Rahaf Harfoush had the opportunity to witness the innovation firsthand when she joined the New Media team in Chicago for three months. This book takes a comprehensive look at the campaign’s use of technology leading up to election night and explores the strategic insights that organizations can apply to their own brand. Peppered with interviews, photos and anecdotes from key members of the New Media Team, this book reveals how the combination of an unwavering strategic vision and collaborative technologies including blogs, social networks, twitter and SMS messaging, empowered a formidable online community to elect the world’s first “digital” President.


“This was one of the most interesting books I’ve enjoyed in some time. The “Campaign” that Rahaf chronicles is the most successful and proven use of social media in history. Although this is a rapidly changing domain, Rahaf’s experience helps us understand what really works and what brought about one of the most historic events in American history. An event which single handedly changed the global climate.  Rahaf explores in detail the strategies and tactics used to bring about a revolution using social media. I guarantee you will both enjoy the book and will learn something from it. But, are you bold enough to do something with your new knowledge?


“The Obama 2008 campaign is not just the best political campaign or US campaign in recent memory. It is the best marketing campaign I have seen globally in over 25 years.  It shows how a big ambition can be brought to life with a skillful blend of traditional and new media – -to produce outstanding results.  Every marketer can learn from this experience. Rahaf Harfoush gives a fresh and informed insider’s view of  what really made the Obama 2008 campaign such a spectacular success.”

– Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman & CEO OgilvyOne Worldwide

Rahaf Harfoush gives us a front row seat for a moment that changed both politics and branding forever. In the engaging spirit of sharing that defines the social web itself, Rahaf shows us how principled leadership must go to market in the years ahead: Transparently, authentically, and one community at a time.

-Bruce Philp, CEO of GWP Brand Engineering, co-author of “The Orange Code: How ING Direct Succeeded By Being A Rebel With A Cause.”