The Decoded Company: Know Your Talent Better Than You Know Your Customers


Google amazes us by generating answers before we even finish asking a question. Netflix delights us with spot-on recommendations. These companies use the power of Big Data—the collection and analysis of massive amounts of information. It’s one of the hottest concepts in business.


But while many companies are embracing Big Data to understand their customers, very few are applying it to their own employees. One of the pioneers in that effort has been acclaimed digital marketing agency Klick Health. Now Klick’s leaders share the principles that guided their fast growth and low turnover.


Klick founders Leerom Segal and Aaron Goldstein along with technology strategists Rahaf Harfoush (Author, Yes We Did, Former Associate Director at the World Economic Forum) and Jay Goldman (, Author, The Facebook Cookbook)  show how personalizing each employee’s experience can increase their engagement, help them learn new skills faster, and be placed with the right teams. The authors outline the three transformative ideas they’ve developed for “decoding” any company or department—figuring out what really makes it tick, so you can maximize its potential.


The authors share success stories from Klick and other organizations, and offer a bold new approach to designing and managing a workplace. The result is a groundbreaking book for any company that wants the best from its people.