Well Played! #HoHoTO raises 20k in Ten Days

#HoHoTo Monday, December 15, 2008

This is just a very quick note to all the folks who organized/attended/supported #hohoto- congratulations! Our wonderful and generous community helped raise over $20,000 for the Daily Bread Food Bank. I had a great time and it was so nice to meet people I had been following on Twitter in person! Hurray to meeting new friends while supporting a worthwhile cause. We really need more opportunities to get together.

The Power of Self Organization:

So how did all of this come about? When a few Montreal Twitterers mentioned they were throwing a Geek Holiday Party in early December, a few members of the Toronto tech community decided to organize similar festivities, right here at home! What started out as enthusiastic suggestions from people like Rob Hyndman, Ryan Taylor and Ryan Coleman quickly turned into an efficient and powerful engine for self-organization.

The team selected the Daily Bread Food Bank as a charitable partner, and thanks to networks and connections the venue (The Mod Club) was donated. Pretty soon, there was a slick looking website with a growing list of sponsors, donated raffle prizes and supporters. The event sold out, with over 600 people attending, including a cameo by Toronto Mayor David Miller! (You can see pictures on @motionblur‘s twitpic stream.)

Fully Connected

This event really made me proud of the community. There were so many cool and interactive ways to get involved.

The most obvious way was with two giant screens that showed all Tweets tagged with #hohoto. It was a lot of fun to see who was where and to catch little snippets of the conversations.

Song requests were tagged with #hohotodj sent to Djs Duarte DaSilva @modernmod & Ryan Taylor @ryantaylor who monitored tweetdecks from the podium up on stage

Favorite geek videos of 2008 and other #hohoto fun were uploaded to a youtube video group and were played through out the night.

Photos can be uploaded to the flickr group

Merchandise can be purchased at the online store here.

Finally an interactive webcast allowed those who couldn’t make it to still participate in the fun.


Leila Boujnane – CEO, Idée Inc.
Alexa Clark – Managing Partner, Plethora Press
Ryan Coleman – Chief Community Evangelist, VizThink
Duarte Da Silva – Senior Manager,
April Dunford – Director, Incubation Marketing, Nortel
Peter Flaschner – Founder, The Blog Studio
Rob Hyndman – Founder, Hyndman/Law
Sheri Moore – Partner, Creative Director, MCC Planners Inc.
Michael O’Connor Clarke – Vice President, Thornley Fallis Communications Inc.
Michael Penney – El Presidente, Afterlight Films
Michele Perras – Manager, Mobile Experience Innovation Centre
Corey Reid – Chief Cat Herder, FreshBooks
Ryan Taylor – Goldsmith, Adventurer, The Fair Trade Jewellery Co.
Rannie Turingan – Photographer,
Elena Yunusov – Founder,

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