Well Played: Satirical Blog Leads to Six Figure Book Deal

A few months ago a friend of mine sent me a link to funny blog called Stuff White People Like. It’s a site that pokes fun at the stereotypes commonly associated with white people. I was surprised to see it written up in this week’s issue of MacLean’s Magazine, announcing an upcoming book deal.

Written by 29 year old Canadian, Chris Lander, each blog post is a list of something that white people like.

The list includes:

Number #35 is Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert. Lander states that:


“White women all consider John Stewart to be the most perfect man on the planet. This is not a debate, it is law.

The Daily Show also features guests like John McCain, writers, policy analysts, and actors. It is comforting for white people to see boring celebrities get interviewed in a funny fashion. It fills their need to do something productive, but also not work that hard at it.

Take note that Tuesday through Friday during the working week, you can break ALL awkward silences with white people by saying “did you see the Daily Show/Colbert Report last night? At which point they will start talking until it’s time for you to move on to more interesting activities.”

The blog will be turned into a book by publishing company Random House, set to be published next August. Despite the fact that Lander is remaining tight lipped about the exact amount of the advance, internet rumors are speculating figures of up to $350,000.

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